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    Baby care

    With the birth of each child mothers have many questions on the care of the newborn by month. And rightly so! After all, the child's health from the conception up to the age of reason is completely dependent on their parents. Being in your tummy, the child was under heavy guard placenta, which protects it from viruses and infections.

    Baby care

    Hygienic care of the newborn child - this is where should now start your day. After the first few months your baby will be an intense period of adaptation to the environment, and daily hygiene to help the child overcome his painful.


Newborn. Feeding a baby in weeks


For every loving mother, newborn's health is a top priority in the growth of a newborn. So, given the fact that for any newborn's age thought their diet, a matter arises: what meal is rightly for my baby? Or how to organize a newborn's regimen at varied ages. Try to answer A questions, focusing on the chief and most influential points. Consider feeding babies from a 1-st days of your and up to 1 year.

So, we all know that a most valuable in feeding a baby is breast natural milk.

For a child baby, and children under a age of TWO months, momentous is the number of food intake and a number of feedings. In main, a amount of a portion of breast natural milk must be 90-140 ml. A number of meals 6-7 minutes every day, ie each three or four hours. Starting at two weeks of age and children up to four months, the portion was increased to 180-200ml, and a number of meals somewhat declining. Optimal, a systemic feeding at intervals of every three hours. In addition, at this age newborn's ration, It is possible to add plum and veg juices (apple, carrot, grapefruit, medium tomato and grape). A capacity of juice consumed should not exceed 20-25 ml. Also useful to supplement the fresh food cooked egg yolk 1/2. Giving yolk preferably not more than three times a 7 days. Grated red apple, can be used between breastfeeding, supplementing a regimen of a newborn beneficial nutrients that can be found in it.

Starting with a 5 30 days old and up to 6 months, to breast-feeding, a volume of 200 ml was added a variety of porridge, which is cooked in natural milk, half-diluted with h2o or veg broth. This can be wiped buckwheat, semolina or rice porridge. A serving of porridge should not exceed 180 ml and consumed no more than 2 times a day, to avoid bloating and gravity in the tummy baby. Also, the food of a child remain fresh juice (30ml), melon jelly (30ml), grated raw fresh apples (1-2 units). A yolk can be increased to 1 pc. And to give the newborn daily. Number of meals 5-6 minutes a day.

Infants 6 months and 7 weeks of age to fresh (around 200 ml) was added to cereal (semolina, buckwheat, rice), raw vegetables, soups, purees and soups. Porridges and soups alternate in meals in order to diversify the regime. Watermelon and berries make mousse, pudding, mashed potatoes or juices. Number of feedings per time is 5 minutes.

With 14 weeks of age, must develop a clear menu for infants. For example, if a child is eating breakfast in the right with breast natural milk, a meal must be more dense and varied. This can be a veggie and fresh meat soup, veg puree or mashed cereal, liver or boiled meat. In order not to overload a ventricle baby, it is important to observe the proportions of food intake. Thus, a amount of fluid food want not exceed 90 ml, mashed potatoes and cereals - 100 ml, and liver or meat of around 20 ml. Porridge at that age may be boiled in milk and their amount can be up to 200 ml. In addition, a bisque may be a little amount of fresh bread rolls, and by Kiselev or extract to one cookie.

Babies who turned 9 months 11 months Ido in the regimen, but natural-feeding, and a full dinner, which consists of natural milk porridge, bisque, minced and mashed berries add nonfat yoghurt.

By the end of 11 months and 12 months with the beginning, frequently warm-feeding need be discontinued so a general food is natural milk porridge, a hearty lunch and organic fresh fruits and fruits. At lunch, instead of minced fresh meat may be cooked steam cutlets or meatballs, and instead of veggie purees - chops raw vegetables. Number of feedings distributed so that it is no more than 4 or 5 minutes every day.

In addition to the chief scheme of food to babies at varied ages, need know a any foods that begin with a 4.5 - 5 weeks. Since starting this age, natural milk can not fully satisfy a requires of the baby, additional nutrients, ie the lure.

In any case, at the beginning of feeding, consult the physician.

But remember any simple rules of complementary foods, quite simply, a more that we are happy to share this information.

As, the actual rules:

You can alone begin to lure an otherwise healthy newborn. If your newborn be unwell, move the lure at a later date;

Complementary foods need be introduced by the training, ie, starting with a low dose of one type of food, gradually increasing and complementing other types of dishes;

Diet food for feeding a fluid must first be gradually accustoming the child to a more dense and compact. Give a lure with a little spoonful, little portions;

Any new type of food a baby is given to natural-feeding, when he greatest appetite.

Also, however you can apply the feeding dish of boiled crab, but these dishes give once a week and from 24-9 months. Honey is used in the 1st 1/2 instead of cane sugar syrup, specifically healthy is buckwheat honey.

In the summer it is important to keep at least one breast-feeding, in a case of illness of a baby to keep a immune system, worked out by feeding natural milk.

By year end, child meal should be more diverse, rightly-prepared, because by that time a newborn tastes are well developed, and a monotonous, hard food reduces appetite.

Given these rules, and the main scheme of diet food, you, dear moms and dads can easily cope with feeding the newborn and will be rewarded with another portion of happiness in a form of a healthy, happy baby.

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